How to Position your business on Facebook to achieve marketing success

How to Position your business on Facebook to achieve marketing success

The secret to succeeding in digital marketing and especially social media marketing is to understand how each platform works, how users interact there and determine which marketing strategy will be most effective. The largest social platform on the earth today is Facebook with over 1 billion active users with an interactive rate two times higher than Instagram and three times higher than YouTube and Twitter. But yet, so many businesses today, especially the small and medium scale businesses, keep having great difficulty achieving their marketing goals and succeeding on the platform. In fact, many of the large-scale businesses that succeed on the platform make use of sponsored advert posts. But what about those who can’t afford to pay for sponsored posts and targeted marketing strategies? This has been the problem.

How do you market on this platform? Where are the users or audiences? Where are they hanging out always? Where do they engage the most and interact often? They say that you have to be always active and online, find the right time to share your content, and a good way to present your brand or services to your audiences. But yet, even after you do all of that, you notice that it almost does not work like that on this platform. We often hear entrepreneurs and brands cry about how difficult it has been for them to grab users’ attention on Facebook and converting them to consistent customers, other than just getting their reactions and comments. What big brands do is use Facebook sponsored Advert to generate customers. But what about the small brands and entrepreneurs who may not have the fund to consistently pay for sponsored adverts on Facebook? It has been a challenge for many business people and establishments on the platform.

The truth is that, Facebook as a business and social platform has grown and changed tremendously in the way it works and how users engage and interact with each other. If you have been very active on Facebook over the last year, you may have discovered or observed a remarkable change in the way users engage and interact on the platform. Facebook has evolved into a group or community social platform. If you take your time and observe interactions on Facebook, you will observe that users now engage and interact more actively with content in communities or groups than on private or individual pages. Communities are where the crowd is and where things are happening. Communities are where information is shared, interactions are had, where people engage with each other, where stories are created—and most significantly, where any brand can sell hugely no matter how small the brand is. 

No matter how popular your brand is, you can build your brand, gain a greater number of audience, growing popularity, win more customers, and succeed greatly if you join communities or groups and leverage them. This is a secret that only a few brands know and are taking advantage of—joining the right and popular groups and communities that have a significant population and selling themselves there. 

Furthermore, the greatest strategies are, knowing the right group or communities to join and what strategies to implement there to start selling. Here are remarkable strategies you should implement. They are certainly not the only strategies that work, but they have worked well for us. 

How to Position your business on Facebook this 2021 to achieve marketing success
How to Position your business on Facebook to achieve marketing success

1. Find a popular group with a huge number of members and that drives huge interaction

The first important step you should take in your quest for more successful marketing on Facebook is to find not just any group or community, but very popular ones that have a significant number of people in them, with a lot of activities happening there, and where you potential customers are too. This is very important because, the larger the group or community or the population of members there, the greater your chance of selling is. 

Joining the right community or group also means finding a group where your potential customers are. Certainly, not everyone will have an interest in what you are selling or the services you are offering, but finding a group where the majority may be interested in your brand or service gives you an edge. 

2. Create Awareness and Grow Popularity in the Group or Community

You can’t sell anywhere if you are not known there; at least, as much as you want. It is so much easier to drive audience and sell anything when you are popular. And this is the second important step you must take. Growing popularity in groups or communities is not very easy, but here are some ways that you can achieve it. 

  • Be active in the groups, engage with posts, and interact with other members of the group. You can slowly grow popular through active engagements and interactions.
  • Observe the kinds of posts or contents that drive more reactions and interests and start sharing similar contents in the group too. The more attracted members are to your posts, the more they become interested in you. Through this means, you can create awareness in the group and eventually grow popular.
  • Discover popular people or people that drive more engagement in the group and tag them in your posts. Popular people command the crowd. Win them over to yourself and they will drag their followers or fans to you too. 
  • Find out who the group Admin is and get close. There is nobody that drives more interest or commands crowd in any group or community like the group’s Admin. An Admin is your fastest train to becoming popular in a group or community. You can work with them to always tag your name whenever they post contents and even talk about you, while you also do the same.

Business marketing is all about finding what works and leveraging it. So, if you wish to succeed more in Facebook marketing this year, we urge you to join large communities and groups on Facebook, begin to engage there, create awareness, grow your popularity in the community, market your brand and then, observe the difference.

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