Itecplan Digital Solutions over 5 years of experience, ItechPlan Digital Solutions is a well-organized, trusted partner of your choice for worldwide technology challengers in the USA. Our team guarantees you to elevate your business values through their development and design services.


Are you looking for a web developer to develop your website?

Are you looking for a modern and elegant Wix Website designer for proficient use? Congrats! You’ve come to the perfect place! ItechPlan Digital Solutions company has Wix Seo, web designer, and Marketing Experts. They recognize your site to stand out as our experts have many years of experience with a tremendous portfolio. 

We have highly skilled editors to turn your Wix website design into a professional one. First, we understand a client’s demand and evaluate what they like; then, we appear with a perfect setup for their taste. Once we have designed your website and train how you can use it, you can do anything with that design to make it attractive on laptops, mobiles, and tablets. 

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Why choose us?

You can choose “Itechplan Digital Solutions” for Wix development and hire a professional web developer from our company. Our Wix website design experience is that had worked with 500+ projects in the past five-years. Our web development and designing services include developing such a website that suits your business brand and provides you an ordeal to come back for other online solutions!

What do we offer?

We offer various services related to the design, development, redesign, and SEO of a Wix website. We have highly skilled experts for the design and development of your site. So, you can hire us without any hesitation for the following services.

Let's explain one by one!

Wix is a website builder company that gives us cloud-based web development services. Over the last few years, Wix has become well known that provides online drag and drop tools to create mobile sites and HTML5 websites for users. 

Also, it offers innovative, modern, and exceptional website templates for free. So you can also make your business more successful by using the WIX website design. So it would be beneficial to have a Wix website design for your business success. 

What Do You Think About It? 

If you want to design a professional Wix website, then hiring our company is the best option. “ItechPlan Digital Solutions” is a trusted & professional site that provides you with designable Wix templates and other web pages. We have a highly expertise Wix web designer to design your Wix website perfectly with no complain. 

Itech Digital Solution creates a user-friendly and responsive Wix website for your company with HTML5 skills, top rating hosting, and innovative Wix Website design. We also include high-resolution professional, and catchy images to catch the attention of your audience. As a result, they got clear about your product or services exactly. 

Wix Landing Page

We are expertise in creating landing pages of the Wix website for you. We try our best to make a landing page to build a focused page for our customers to attract the audience. Our designed landing page contains fewer Number options with no navigation to persuade the audience. 

Wix Web Design Customization 

After designing your site, we train our clients to customize their site handily. After that, you will be able to customize your entire website by changing the color of your site, adding text and animation, changing fonts, editing the color palette, media & layout, and adjusting the height of every segment according to your desire. 

Redesign Wix Website

If you want to redesign Wix websites, you can hire a Wix developer & redesigner from ItechPlan Digital Solutions company. Wix codes allow access and editing with HTML code for better configurations or customization. Besides, you have the opportunity to finalize your Wix website design as you have the desire. We will redesign your site after completing it with full cooperation and sincerity. 

Wix Web Migration 

Do you want to migrate your site entirely from a WordPress website to Wix? It’s effortless for us! Migration from WordPress to Wix and vice versa is possible with our company. If you want to enjoy additional features facilitated by the Wix design agency, ask our experts to do this. 

Wix Maintenance

Once you worked with us to design your Wix website, Don’t need to worry about resolving any problem occurring on that site. Here’s the main gist! When you feel any problem or issue with our designed website for your company, you may consult with us! We will give you free maintenance services by detecting and debugging the problem on your Wix website design.

Wix website SEO 

SEO(search engine optimization) of your website is essential, helping your website be easily found on Google by the audience. Hence, we build a Wix website with complete SEO by consultation and recommendations with our clients. 

  • You may get Local or Global Wix website SEO from us. If you want to rank your website in your specific location, city, and area, contact us! It’s not difficult for us! 
  • If you want blogger SEO, we will boost your blog on Page by setting tag, H1 Tag, keywords, and schema markup. 
  • We create your Wix website with multiple languages and target more than one country. As a result, this will lead to generating more traffic to your site. 

You have to provide us with some requirements For your website Seo optimization. You have to share your website link, competitor website links, target country, and target audience details; after that, we will provide you with different keywords. You have to choose our provided keywords. When you select the final keywords, we will optimize your site by content, Wix Website design, structure according to that keyword. 

How much does a website cost using Wix?

Want to know Wix website development cost estimate? We’ll provide you best working Wix website designing services at an affordable price and budget. However, the essential website is created for free. But if you want to add custom domains and advanced features, then you have to pay. On average, you have to spend $22 per month for your Wix site.

Wix website development cost usually ranging between $2500 to $6000 or more. At the same time, e-commerce Wix website pricing ranges from $5000 to $8000. It all depends on the complexity of the needs of our clients.


To hire our company for designing a Wix website, you have to provide us following requisites to ensure fast delivery; 

Your Wix account login detail, your business, product or services detail, Logos, banner images, Reference links of other websites, Number of pages, and subpages with content. Besides, if you have any design requirements, then also provide detail about this. 

Wrap up

To wrap up, you may hire a web developer from ItechPlan Digital Solutions. We develop and design professional Wix websites along with highly accessible Domain Name Registration & Hosting services. Besides, we offer e-commerce Wix website design along with online promotion and SEO services. 

We enable your business to promote through custom software development, web design, QA, and consultancy services. Our team will help you solve your Wix website infrastructure problems and renovate your business into the unique one through the latest tech mastery. If you wish to have a Wix website design, contact us today without waiting more!

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