Itecplan Digital Solutions over 5 years of experience, ItechPlan Digital Solutions is a well-organized, trusted partner of your choice for worldwide technology challengers in the USA. Our team guarantees you to elevate your business values through their development and design services.


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In a hurry? Are you looking for a perfect web design service? Then don’t worry, you are at the right place! Meet us! We are a professional and highly experienced website design agency named Itechplan Digital Solutions that develops effective, innovative online solutions.
As we know, today’s world is changing into a world of technologies. In this digital world, your website is the first impression your customers have of your business. Thus 95% of people’s first ordeal associates with your web design. That’s why it’s essential to choose the best one for designing your website.

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Why Choose us?

Here is the gist! Why should you hire a web designer from our company? We are confident to tell you about our previous work and experience. Let’s know our website design experience for your satisfaction! We have been honored to work with 500+ projects from 15+ trusted countries in the past five years. Our web designing services include developing such a website that fits your brand and gives you the experience to come back for other online solutions too!
Moreover, we will give free lifetime maintenance services for our designed website. You can contact us anytime to resolve any issue occurring on the website; we will fix them for free. We give many suggestions and ideas for better customization of your website.

How do we design?

Have doubts about our work? Here is the main point! Don’t worry about that! Our work for website design and development boosts your conversion rates, captures your business brand, and maximizes your revenue to prosper your business and achieve your motives. You can explore this site and check out our more than 100 previous projects.

UI & UX design

Itechplan Digital Solutions is a professional web development company that focuses on developing techniques and good quality client services to provide long-term business benefits. Our services include all web design elements, e.g., graphics designing, usability, programming, Google Adwords and SEO, etc. We are taking care of all website design-related things along with the look for our

Our designed website

Our website’s design is functional, developed with a pixel-perfect approach and engaging content that will bring the audience back for further information. We assure you that our work will maximize the business growth of our clients. Our designed website provides flawless design and quality content prepared according to the latest web technologies for smooth display in all web browsers.
Moreover, we designed a website with an attractive interface design, self-supporting pages, illustrated graphical fundamentals, organized menus, subtitles, keywords optimization, meta tags, and browser-safe colors with error-free pages. Our expert’s website design and developers assure you that our designed websites are visual;


Easy To USE


Responsive Design


Responsive Design


Attractive Design


Best Graphics


Easy Navigation


Finest Legibility


Entirely Accessible


Powerful Web Interface

All these aspects are significant for a perfect and professional website. And we have the honor to provide all these services to our clients.

What services do we offer?

Being in enterprise for many years, we are confident to develop such website design that has the most significant potential according to the market standards. Itechplan offers primary web design services as

Besides, we also provide other leading open source content management strategies to develop highly creative online marketing experiences for our customers. As a result, these open source solutions give considerable benefits to the website. Moreover, our services include;

1. Analytics Interpretation and Reporting

Sometimes usage of a website designed with analytical web code in place may track, and it may take a lot of time to review analytics. So customers need a person who comprehends data, interprets them, and creates reports. We provide all these services as well as advise on your site’s further advancements based on data. 

2. Competition monitoring

As we know, there is a lot of competition in every industry in the online market. We considered that you need someone who keeps an eye on competitor’s websites and their doings for ranking. Such kind of our web design services has a particular impact on your website.

3. Blog Customization/Management

Some clients want to customize the look of their Blog the same as that of the website. Besides, to provide customization and setup, we also allow providing blog management services to our customers. In this way, Who could make publishing posts, managing comments, and promoting linking?

4. Managing Pay Per Click Campaign 

Our designed services also include pay-per-click campaign management that needs a lot of work. If you don’t have dedicated marketing support, then don’t worry! We have experience with PPC campaigns; this will give you great value and save much time.

5. Usability Testing

When your site comes to be live or work starts in case of the redesign. We manage usability testing by composing surveys, reporting feedback to clients, containing one-on-one interviews.

How much do designers charge for a website?

Affordable web development services are the plus point of this website design agency. We offer different but affordable prices to our customers. But, it never means that price would affect the quality of our work. We have the security to design every project with love and sincerity. So, you can invest in the success of your site with Itechplan web design services to receive

How much do designers charge for an eCommerce Website?

If you want to add some extra features like enabling e-commerce functionality, integrating a database into your design, and more, you may ask our developers for these extras. A professionally designed website not only emphasizes your brand but also boosts your business success. 

Website design projects cost estimate.

New website design costs an estimated $75 per hour. Web designers usually charge $2000 to $10,000 for designing a business website. Setting up, building, planning, and creating content for an essential website has an average cost of $2500. It also includes training and maintenance of our clients.

Web page design cost 

Web designers typically charge $100 for designing one page. If you want to create 15 pages, you have to pay $1500 to a web designer.

Real estate website design cost 

If you want to design a real estate website design to develop a new website design cost, most web developers charge between $8000 to $25000 with a high Security and SEO performance level. Furthermore, it depends on the needs of customers. We provide you with affordable rates. 


To wrap up, Itechplan is a website design agency with highly skilled and experienced designers to design a professional and attractive website for you. We create multi-browser and dynamic websites with CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript. You will get high-performing hosting and 24×7 support to resolve any issues related to web design.

Besides, If you want any changes to your site, we will implement those alterations. Our primary focus is to provide excellent results by considering our client’s demands. If you want to grow your business, then make sure to order now without hesitation.

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